Wood Duck f 8789-91cs Wood Duck f 8790-1cs Wood Duck preening f 0856s Wood Duck wing stretch f 1324-6s Wood Duck f 2758s Wood Duck f 8875s
Wood Duck f 8789-91cs.jpg Wood Duck f 8790-1cs.jpg Wood Duck preening f 0856s.jpg Wood Duck wing stretch f 1324-6s.jpg Wood Duck f 2758s.jpg Wood Duck f 8875s.jpg
Wood Duck m 3787s Wood Duck wing stretch f 2483s Wood Duck wing stretch m 1402b Wood Duck wing stretch m 3550s Wood Duck wing stretch m 3551s Wood Duck m 9989-91cs
Wood Duck m 3787s.jpg Wood Duck wing stretch f 2483s.jpg Wood Duck wing stretch m 1402b.jpg Wood Duck wing stretch m 3550s.jpg Wood Duck wing stretch m 3551s.jpg Wood Duck m 9989-91cs.jpg
Wood Ducks racing m 1302s Wood Ducks racing mp 1307s Redhead Duck m 4667s Readhead Duck m 7826s Redhead Duck f 7918s Mallard stretching wings m 1392s
Wood Ducks racing m 1302s.jpg Wood Ducks racing mp 1307s.jpg Redhead Duck m 4667s.jpg Readhead Duck m 7826s.jpg Redhead Duck f 7918s.jpg Mallard stretching wings m 1392s.jpg
Tufted Duck f 7719s Tufted Duck f 7728s Canvasback m 4594s Canvasback m 4521s Canvasback f 4502s Scaup m 4903s
Tufted Duck f 7719s.jpg Tufted Duck f 7728s.jpg Canvasback m 4594s.jpg Canvasback m 4521s.jpg Canvasback f 4502s.jpg Scaup m 4903s.jpg
Scaup f 5094s American Wigeon about to land f 5053s American Wigeon landing m 4788s Snow Goose flying 6955s Snow Goose flying 7553s Snow Goose flying 7555s
Scaup f 5094s.jpg American Wigeon about to land f 5053s.jpg American Wigeon landing m 4788s.jpg Snow Goose flying 6955s.jpg Snow Goose flying 7553s.jpg Snow Goose flying 7555s.jpg
Snow Goose flying 7568bs Snow Goose landing jv 6983s Snow Goose landing jv 7008s Black-necked Stilts mating p 3239bs Black-crowned Night-heron jv 9211bs Snow Geese flying X 2822cs
Snow Goose flying 7568bs.jpg Snow Goose landing jv 6983s.jpg Snow Goose landing jv 7008s.jpg Black-necked Stilts mating p 3239bs.jpg Black-crowned Night-heron jv 9211bs.jpg Snow Geese flying X 2822cs.jpg
Forster's Tern landing 6566cs Mallard Duck m 2687s Osprey Asspray 5307s Mallard on ice m 4637s Mallard climbing out 4490s Mallard flying m 4489s
Forster's Tern landing 6566cs.jpg Mallard Duck m 2687s.jpg Osprey Asspray 5307s.jpg Mallard on ice m 4637s.jpg Mallard climbing out 4490s.jpg Mallard flying m 4489s.jpg
Glossy Ibis begging 7610bs Glossy Ibis feeding jv 8198s Glossy Ibis feeding jv 8870s Glossy Ibis feeding jv 8192s Glossy Ibis out on linb 9163s Wood Duck m 7155bs
Glossy Ibis begging 7610bs.jpg Glossy Ibis feeding jv 8198s.jpg Glossy Ibis feeding jv 8870s.jpg Glossy Ibis feeding jv 8192s.jpg Glossy Ibis out on linb 9163s.jpg Wood Duck m 7155bs.jpg
Osprey eyeing camera 5632cs Snow Goose taking off 3827s Snow Goose taking off 3726bs Snow Goose taking off 3835s Snow Goose taking off 3810s Snow Geese at dusk p 4181s
Osprey eyeing camera 5632cs.jpg Snow Goose taking off 3827s.jpg Snow Goose taking off 3726bs.jpg Snow Goose taking off 3835s.jpg Snow Goose taking off 3810s.jpg Snow Geese at dusk p 4181s.jpg
Great Blue Heron 9630s Great Blue Heron fishing 3475s Great Blue Heron w fish 0260bs Pintail Duck m 3421s Northern Pintail m 3290s Northern Pintail Duck m 3239s
Great Blue Heron 9630s.jpg Great Blue Heron fishing 3475s.jpg Great Blue Heron w fish 0260bs.jpg Pintail Duck m 3421s.jpg Northern Pintail m 3290s.jpg Northern Pintail Duck m 3239s.jpg
Northern Pintail Duck flying 2920-21-23cs Mallard Duck m 3209s Mallard Duck m 3205s Mallard landing m 5218s Osprey flying w fish 3600bs Double-crested Cormorant 1558s
Northern Pintail Duck flying 2920-21-23cs.jpg Mallard Duck m 3209s.jpg Mallard Duck m 3205s.jpg Mallard landing m 5218s.jpg Osprey flying w fish 3600bs.jpg Double-crested Cormorant 1558s.jpg
Swallowtail wing detail 4657-4700cs Swallowtail wing abstract 4657-4700cbs Bald Eagles playing p 2717s Gull stealing clam from gull 0911 18 24 30cs Bald Eagle unwelcome 2299s Bald Eagle flying jv 0534s
Swallowtail wing detail 4657-4700cs.jpg Swallowtail wing abstract 4657-4700cbs.jpg Bald Eagles playing p 2717s.jpg Gull stealing clam from gull 0911 18 24 30cs.jpg Bald Eagle unwelcome 2299s.jpg Bald Eagle flying jv 0534s.jpg
Bald Eagle flying w fish 0059s Bald Eagle chase 9981s Bald Eagle chase 9977s Yellow-crowned Night-heron 7851s Glossy Ibis begging 7605s Glossy Ibis begging 7608s
Bald Eagle flying w fish 0059s.jpg Bald Eagle chase 9981s.jpg Bald Eagle chase 9977s.jpg Yellow-crowned Night-heron 7851s.jpg Glossy Ibis begging 7605s.jpg Glossy Ibis begging 7608s.jpg
Glossy Ibis begging 7610s Glossy Ibis 7555s Glossy Ibis fish transfer p 7485s Glossy Ibis fish transfer p 7484s Little Blue Heron jv 6977s Little Bue Heron jv 6954s
Glossy Ibis begging 7610s.jpg Glossy Ibis 7555s.jpg Glossy Ibis fish transfer p 7485s.jpg Glossy Ibis fish transfer p 7484s.jpg Little Blue Heron jv 6977s.jpg Little Bue Heron jv 6954s.jpg
Little Blue Heron out on a limb jv 8017s Glossy Ibis looking frazzled 6587s Glossy Ibis leg bite 6521s Great Egret in treetop 6115s Glossy Ibis feeding jv 7311s Glossy Ibis feeding jv 7317s
Little Blue Heron out on a limb jv 8017s.jpg Glossy Ibis looking frazzled 6587s.jpg Glossy Ibis leg bite 6521s.jpg Great Egret in treetop 6115s.jpg Glossy Ibis feeding jv 7311s.jpg Glossy Ibis feeding jv 7317s.jpg
Glossy Ibis feeding jv 7319s Glossy Ibis feeding jv 7323s Glossy Ibis feeding jv 7326s Glossy Ibis feeding jv 7328s Glossy Ibis feeding jv 7329s Glossy Ibis feeding jv 7334s
Glossy Ibis feeding jv 7319s.jpg Glossy Ibis feeding jv 7323s.jpg Glossy Ibis feeding jv 7326s.jpg Glossy Ibis feeding jv 7328s.jpg Glossy Ibis feeding jv 7329s.jpg Glossy Ibis feeding jv 7334s.jpg
Double-crested Cormorant w fish 8369s Double-crested Cormorant w fish 8396s Double-crested Cormorant w fish 8414s Double-crested Cormorant w fish 8446s Wissahickon Valley Park 8223s Great Horned Owl chick 2472bs
Double-crested Cormorant w fish 8369s.jpg Double-crested Cormorant w fish 8396s.jpg Double-crested Cormorant w fish 8414s.jpg Double-crested Cormorant w fish 8446s.jpg Wissahickon Valley Park 8223s.jpg Great Horned Owl chick 2472bs.jpg
Snowy Egret got one 9091s Snowy Egret 8881s Snowy Egret tossing fish 8819s Snowy Egret tossing fish 9002s Snowy Egret w fish 9128s Snowy Egret swallowing fish 9141s
Snowy Egret got one 9091s.jpg Snowy Egret 8881s.jpg Snowy Egret tossing fish 8819s.jpg Snowy Egret tossing fish 9002s.jpg Snowy Egret w fish 9128s.jpg Snowy Egret swallowing fish 9141s.jpg
Snowy Egret catching fish 9343s Snowy Egret stalking fish 9395s Snowy Egret fracas 8919s Asassin Bug nymph dorsal 1X 660um f11 6105-6116cs Cabbage White on echinacea 5111bs Spider and Planthopper 7227bs
Snowy Egret catching fish 9343s.jpg Snowy Egret stalking fish 9395s.jpg Snowy Egret fracas 8919s.jpg Asassin Bug nymph dorsal 1X 660um f11 6105-6116cs.jpg Cabbage White on echinacea 5111bs.jpg Spider and Planthopper 7227bs.jpg
Leafhopper Oncometopia orbona 12mmL 4710-4763cs Leafhopper Oncometopia orbona head-thorax 4774-4840cs Forster's Tern fishing 7166s Leafhopper nymph 5mmL jv 2686-2738cs Assassin Bug nymph ventral jv 4029-4076cs Leafhopper nymph 5mmL 3737-3789cs
Leafhopper Oncometopia orbona 12mmL 4710-4763cs.jpg Leafhopper Oncometopia orbona head-thorax 4774-4840cs.jpg Forster's Tern fishing 7166s.jpg Leafhopper nymph 5mmL jv 2686-2738cs.jpg Assassin Bug nymph ventral jv 4029-4076cs.jpg Leafhopper nymph 5mmL 3737-3789cs.jpg
Flower Buds 6374-6553bcs Forster's Tern diving 6825s Spider 6mmL 8697-8730cs White-marked Tussock Moth 8169-8186cs Leafhopper 10mmL ventral view 8123-8160bcs Common Spragueia Moth 10mmOAL 5928-6014cs
Flower Buds 6374-6553bcs.jpg Forster's Tern diving 6825s.jpg Spider 6mmL 8697-8730cs.jpg White-marked Tussock Moth 8169-8186cs.jpg Leafhopper 10mmL ventral view 8123-8160bcs.jpg Common Spragueia Moth 10mmOAL 5928-6014cs.jpg
Peregrine Falcon 5944bs Forster's Tern approaching 4548s Forster's Tern approaching 4532s Forster's Turn w fish 3597s Forster's Tern 2794s Forster's Tern flying 1817s
Peregrine Falcon 5944bs.jpg Forster's Tern approaching 4548s.jpg Forster's Tern approaching 4532s.jpg Forster's Turn w fish 3597s.jpg Forster's Tern 2794s.jpg Forster's Tern flying 1817s.jpg
Least Tern hunting 5153s Least Tern diving 5315s Least Tern w fish 5489s Least Tern 4884s Black Skimmer skimming 1519s Snowy Egret fluffing feathrs 1432s
Least Tern hunting 5153s.jpg Least Tern diving 5315s.jpg Least Tern w fish 5489s.jpg Least Tern 4884s.jpg Black Skimmer skimming 1519s.jpg Snowy Egret fluffing feathrs 1432s.jpg
Snowy Egret shaking head 1428s Forster's Tern hunting 1039s Forster's Tern hunting 1037s Planthopper Acanaloniid bivittata 5274-5332cs Black-crowned Night-heron jv 9215s Tricolored Heron 9142s
Snowy Egret shaking head 1428s.jpg Forster's Tern hunting 1039s.jpg Forster's Tern hunting 1037s.jpg Planthopper Acanaloniid bivittata 5274-5332cs.jpg Black-crowned Night-heron jv 9215s.jpg Tricolored Heron 9142s.jpg
Tricolored Heron 9127s Gray Half-Spot Moth 16mmOAL 4931-5006cs Yellow-crowned Night-heron jv 7958s Yellow-crowned Night-heron jv 7910s Black-crowned Night-heron jv 6187s Yellow-crowned Night-heron early light jv 8031s
Tricolored Heron 9127s.jpg Gray Half-Spot Moth 16mmOAL 4931-5006cs.jpg Yellow-crowned Night-heron jv 7958s.jpg Yellow-crowned Night-heron jv 7910s.jpg Black-crowned Night-heron jv 6187s.jpg Yellow-crowned Night-heron early light jv 8031s.jpg
Yellow-crowned Night-heron jv first light 7875s Yellow-crowned Night-heron jv 7845s Yellow-crowned Nght-heron on treetop jv 7878s Yellow-crowned Night-heron jv 8749s Ambrosia's fawn 8012s Ambrosia 8007s
Yellow-crowned Night-heron jv first light 7875s.jpg Yellow-crowned Night-heron jv 7845s.jpg Yellow-crowned Nght-heron on treetop jv 7878s.jpg Yellow-crowned Night-heron jv 8749s.jpg Ambrosia's fawn 8012s.jpg Ambrosia 8007s.jpg
Ambrosia closeup 8078s Diamondback Terrapin  laying eggs 7314s Glossy Ibis landing in treetops 8568s Glossy Ibis treetop pose 0264s Glossy Ibis disciplining jv 8876s Glossy Ibis feeding action 0308-09cs
Ambrosia closeup 8078s.jpg Diamondback Terrapin laying eggs 7314s.jpg Glossy Ibis landing in treetops 8568s.jpg Glossy Ibis treetop pose 0264s.jpg Glossy Ibis disciplining jv 8876s.jpg Glossy Ibis feeding action 0308-09cs.jpg
Great Egret scratching on treetop 0058s Great Egret on high 0073s Little Blue Heron jv 0103cs Black-crowned Night-heron feeding  jv 8292s Black-crowned Night-heron feeding jv 8314s Black-crowned Night-heron feeding jv 8337s
Great Egret scratching on treetop 0058s.jpg Great Egret on high 0073s.jpg Little Blue Heron jv 0103cs.jpg Black-crowned Night-heron feeding jv 8292s.jpg Black-crowned Night-heron feeding jv 8314s.jpg Black-crowned Night-heron feeding jv 8337s.jpg
Black-crowned Night-heron feeding jv 8342s Little Blue Heron 8542s Little Blue Heron 8555s Little Blue Heron 8575s Little Blue Heron 8568c Little Blue Heron 8559s
Black-crowned Night-heron feeding jv 8342s.jpg Little Blue Heron 8542s.jpg Little Blue Heron 8555s.jpg Little Blue Heron 8575s.jpg Little Blue Heron 8568c.jpg Little Blue Heron 8559s.jpg
Little Blue Heron 8557s Osprey Picking Up Branch 6789cs Osprey Picking Up Branch 6790cs Osprey Picking Up Branch 6791cs Osprey Picking Up Branch 6792cs Osprey Picking Up Branch 6793cs
Little Blue Heron 8557s.jpg Osprey Picking Up Branch 6789cs.jpg Osprey Picking Up Branch 6790cs.jpg Osprey Picking Up Branch 6791cs.jpg Osprey Picking Up Branch 6792cs.jpg Osprey Picking Up Branch 6793cs.jpg
Osprey Picking Up Branch 6795cs Osprey Picking Up Branch 6796cs Osprey Picking Up Branch 6797cs Osprey Picking Up Branch 6798cs Osprey Picking Up Branch 6802cs Osprey Picking Up Branch 6803cs
Osprey Picking Up Branch 6795cs.jpg Osprey Picking Up Branch 6796cs.jpg Osprey Picking Up Branch 6797cs.jpg Osprey Picking Up Branch 6798cs.jpg Osprey Picking Up Branch 6802cs.jpg Osprey Picking Up Branch 6803cs.jpg
Osprey Picking Up Branch 6804cs Osprey Picking Up Branch 6806cs Osprey Picking Up Branch 6817cs Osprey Picking Up Branch 6820cs Osprey Picking Up Branch 6856cs Osprey Picking Up Branch 6873cs
Osprey Picking Up Branch 6804cs.jpg Osprey Picking Up Branch 6806cs.jpg Osprey Picking Up Branch 6817cs.jpg Osprey Picking Up Branch 6820cs.jpg Osprey Picking Up Branch 6856cs.jpg Osprey Picking Up Branch 6873cs.jpg
Osprey Picking Up Branch 6878cs Osprey Picking Up Branch 6884cs Osprey Picking Up Branch 6887cs Osprey Picking Up Branch 6888cs Osprey Picking Up Branch  6898cs Eyed Paectes  Moth 13.5mmOAL 7931-7963cs
Osprey Picking Up Branch 6878cs.jpg Osprey Picking Up Branch 6884cs.jpg Osprey Picking Up Branch 6887cs.jpg Osprey Picking Up Branch 6888cs.jpg Osprey Picking Up Branch 6898cs.jpg Eyed Paectes Moth 13.5mmOAL 7931-7963cs.jpg
Juniper-twig Geometer Moth f 1428-1449cs Wasp 17mmBody HH 2124-2139cs Zale Sp Moth 40.5mmWS 1312-1369zs Zale Sp Moth 40.5mmWS 1312-1369cs Zale Sp Moth 40.5mmWS 1264-1305cs Box-elder Leafroller 6.5mmTL 9783-9830cs
Juniper-twig Geometer Moth f 1428-1449cs.jpg Wasp 17mmBody HH 2124-2139cs.jpg Zale Sp Moth 40.5mmWS 1312-1369zs.jpg Zale Sp Moth 40.5mmWS 1312-1369cs.jpg Zale Sp Moth 40.5mmWS 1264-1305cs.jpg Box-elder Leafroller 6.5mmTL 9783-9830cs.jpg
Yellow-collard Scape Moth 16mmL 9366-9395cs Chlorotettix tergatus Leafhopper 7.7mmL 9200-9263cs Boxwood Leaftier Moth 2796-2887cs Stonefly 15mmL-6672cs Graphisurus fasciatus Beetle f 16mmAOL 33mmAnt 6732-6764cs Hopper nymph 2.7mmL 10X 14um 6461-6546cs
Yellow-collard Scape Moth 16mmL 9366-9395cs.jpg Chlorotettix tergatus Leafhopper 7.7mmL 9200-9263cs.jpg Boxwood Leaftier Moth 2796-2887cs.jpg Stonefly 15mmL-6672cs.jpg Graphisurus fasciatus Beetle f 16mmAOL 33mmAnt 6732-6764cs.jpg Hopper nymph 2.7mmL 10X 14um 6461-6546cs.jpg
Hopper nymph 2.7mmL 10X 14um 6361-6441cs Brown Prionid Beetle 31mmL 4324-4333cs Eastern Grass-tubeworm Moth 16.5mmL 2045-2116cs Green Mantisfly 16mmL body 2722s Green Mantisflly 16mmLBody 2558s Green Mantisflly  16mmLBody washing 2549s
Hopper nymph 2.7mmL 10X 14um 6361-6441cs.jpg Brown Prionid Beetle 31mmL 4324-4333cs.jpg Eastern Grass-tubeworm Moth 16.5mmL 2045-2116cs.jpg Green Mantisfly 16mmL body 2722s.jpg Green Mantisflly 16mmLBody 2558s.jpg Green Mantisflly 16mmLBody washing 2549s.jpg
Bent-line Carpet Moth 9mmLbody 7153-7178cs Gray Tree Frog 6822s Ambrosia's Fawn 3 day old 6754s Lixus sp Weevil 7.5mmL 1969-2044cs Baskettail Dragonfly 1000um 1508-1562cs Olive-Shaded Bird-Dropping Moth 12mmL 1121-1178s
Bent-line Carpet Moth 9mmLbody 7153-7178cs.jpg Gray Tree Frog 6822s.jpg Ambrosia's Fawn 3 day old 6754s.jpg Lixus sp Weevil 7.5mmL 1969-2044cs.jpg Baskettail Dragonfly 1000um 1508-1562cs.jpg Olive-Shaded Bird-Dropping Moth 12mmL 1121-1178s.jpg
Tree Swallow flying 2602s Tree Swallow hovering 2501s Tree Swallow whoa 2762s Iris best F8 0974-0985cs Tree Swallow behavior 2603s Tree Swallow flying 2672s
Tree Swallow flying 2602s.jpg Tree Swallow hovering 2501s.jpg Tree Swallow whoa 2762s.jpg Iris best F8 0974-0985cs.jpg Tree Swallow behavior 2603s.jpg Tree Swallow flying 2672s.jpg
Great Egret reaching for fish 0061s Great Egret flying w fish 0136s Great Egret w catch at dawn 0110s Great Egret w catch at dawn 0066s Great Egret w catch at dawn 0080s Greater Yellowlegs 8409s
Great Egret reaching for fish 0061s.jpg Great Egret flying w fish 0136s.jpg Great Egret w catch at dawn 0110s.jpg Great Egret w catch at dawn 0066s.jpg Great Egret w catch at dawn 0080s.jpg Greater Yellowlegs 8409s.jpg
Forster's Tern fishing 6317s Fiddler Crabs 6578s Forster's Tern landing 6566s Virginia Tiger Moth  0025-0062cs Duck white preening 5893s Duck white preening 5868s
Forster's Tern fishing 6317s.jpg Fiddler Crabs 6578s.jpg Forster's Tern landing 6566s.jpg Virginia Tiger Moth 0025-0062cs.jpg Duck white preening 5893s.jpg Duck white preening 5868s.jpg
Duck white preening 5826s Duck preening 9833s Stone Arch Bridge at Valley Green 8065s Wissahickon Creek at Valley Green 8066s Wood Duck m 2595s Wood Duck f 1947s
Duck white preening 5826s.jpg Duck preening 9833s.jpg Stone Arch Bridge at Valley Green 8065s.jpg Wissahickon Creek at Valley Green 8066s.jpg Wood Duck m 2595s.jpg Wood Duck f 1947s.jpg
Wood Duck f 4955s Wood Duck f 1951s Wood Duck m 9662s Wood Duck m 2307bs Wood Duck m 2312bs Wood Duck m 0669s
Wood Duck f 4955s.jpg Wood Duck f 1951s.jpg Wood Duck m 9662s.jpg Wood Duck m 2307bs.jpg Wood Duck m 2312bs.jpg Wood Duck m 0669s.jpg
Wood Duck f 0647s Wood Duck m 8670s Wood Duck head skyward m 0981s Wood Duck tall m 0703s Wood Duck chasing competition m 0347s Wood Duck closeup f 5078s
Wood Duck f 0647s.jpg Wood Duck m 8670s.jpg Wood Duck head skyward m 0981s.jpg Wood Duck tall m 0703s.jpg Wood Duck chasing competition m 0347s.jpg Wood Duck closeup f 5078s.jpg
Wood Duck m 7155s Harlequin Duck preening m 2113s Gull droping clam1967s Gull droping clam1979s Gull droping clam1982s Gadwall m 4225s
Wood Duck m 7155s.jpg Harlequin Duck preening m 2113s.jpg Gull droping clam1967s.jpg Gull droping clam1979s.jpg Gull droping clam1982s.jpg Gadwall m 4225s.jpg
Northern Shoveler m 4137s Coot dancing a jig 3611s Harlequin Ducks m p 9255s Dunlin napping 6927s Dunlin 6664s Ruddy Turnstone 8863s
Northern Shoveler m 4137s.jpg Coot dancing a jig 3611s.jpg Harlequin Ducks m p 9255s.jpg Dunlin napping 6927s.jpg Dunlin 6664s.jpg Ruddy Turnstone 8863s.jpg
Brant flying 0466s Harlequin Duck flying m 8815s Purple Sandpiper 8395s Snow Goose flying 2987s Snow Geese 4 butts 2475s Snow Geese pair flying 2811s
Brant flying 0466s.jpg Harlequin Duck flying m 8815s.jpg Purple Sandpiper 8395s.jpg Snow Goose flying 2987s.jpg Snow Geese 4 butts 2475s.jpg Snow Geese pair flying 2811s.jpg
Snow Goose flying 2949s Northern Harrier hunting at dusk 2809s Robber Fly eating prey HH f2.8 ss1-100th 6259-6278cs Red Fox pair p 8112s Osprey hovering 1211s Osprey flying w fish 7329bs
Snow Goose flying 2949s.jpg Northern Harrier hunting at dusk 2809s.jpg Robber Fly eating prey HH f2.8 ss1-100th 6259-6278cs.jpg Red Fox pair p 8112s.jpg Osprey hovering 1211s.jpg Osprey flying w fish 7329bs.jpg
Sparrow Savannah balancing act 0492-47cs Below Conowingo Dam at dawn 6978cs Bald Eagle flying w fish 6959s Bald Eagle chase p 6986s Great Blue Heron toe dragging 6431s Great Blue Heron landing 6469s
Sparrow Savannah balancing act 0492-47cs.jpg Below Conowingo Dam at dawn 6978cs.jpg Bald Eagle flying w fish 6959s.jpg Bald Eagle chase p 6986s.jpg Great Blue Heron toe dragging 6431s.jpg Great Blue Heron landing 6469s.jpg
Bald Eagle flying 6600s Double-crested Cormorant landing 6092s Double-crested Cormorant w fish 6167s Double-crested Cormorant landing 6030s Double-crested Cormorant 5416s Bald Eagle banking jv 5495s
Bald Eagle flying 6600s.jpg Double-crested Cormorant landing 6092s.jpg Double-crested Cormorant w fish 6167s.jpg Double-crested Cormorant landing 6030s.jpg Double-crested Cormorant 5416s.jpg Bald Eagle banking jv 5495s.jpg
Floating Leaf 6385s Northern Saw-whet Owl for banding 5219s Saw-wet Owl ear 5274s Crow stealing large egg 6351s Ring-billed Gull w fish 3023s Great Blue Heron flying 3435s
Floating Leaf 6385s.jpg Northern Saw-whet Owl for banding 5219s.jpg Saw-wet Owl ear 5274s.jpg Crow stealing large egg 6351s.jpg Ring-billed Gull w fish 3023s.jpg Great Blue Heron flying 3435s.jpg
Double-crested Cormorant autumn 5029s Double-crested Cormorant autumn 5136s Bombay Hook sunrise 0875s Ring-billed Gull w fish 1282s American Avocet fishing 9729bs American Avocets 0551bs
Double-crested Cormorant autumn 5029s.jpg Double-crested Cormorant autumn 5136s.jpg Bombay Hook sunrise 0875s.jpg Ring-billed Gull w fish 1282s.jpg American Avocet fishing 9729bs.jpg American Avocets 0551bs.jpg
American Avocet 0801s Northern Flatid Planthopper 5947-5967cs Osprey rising w fish 8772s Caddisfly 17mmL 0.77x 560um 3856-3877cs Green Lacewing 18mm incl wings 1818-1847cs Green Lacewing 18mm incl wings 1X 400um 1857-1863cs
American Avocet 0801s.jpg Northern Flatid Planthopper 5947-5967cs.jpg Osprey rising w fish 8772s.jpg Caddisfly 17mmL 0.77x 560um 3856-3877cs.jpg Green Lacewing 18mm incl wings 1818-1847cs.jpg Green Lacewing 18mm incl wings 1X 400um 1857-1863cs.jpg
Red-eyed Green Leafhopper 9.5mmL 2.2X 120um 1531-1575cs Spider and web at night .33x 2.5mm 0222-0230cs Spider 7722-7733 45mmLegs 0.5X 7722-7733cs Double-crested Cormorant approaching 8881s Tortoise Beetle larva Cassida piperata 10 mm OAL 1X 100 mm Macro 125 at f5.6 6363-40cs Green Mantisfly HH 16mmLBody 2620-2633bcs
Red-eyed Green Leafhopper 9.5mmL 2.2X 120um 1531-1575cs.jpg Spider and web at night .33x 2.5mm 0222-0230cs.jpg Spider 7722-7733 45mmLegs 0.5X 7722-7733cs.jpg Double-crested Cormorant approaching 8881s.jpg Tortoise Beetle larva Cassida piperata 10 mm OAL 1X 100 mm Macro 125 at f5.6 6363-40cs.jpg Green Mantisfly HH 16mmLBody 2620-2633bcs.jpg
Eastern Pondhawk m 63mmWS 44mmL 1354-1376ec Double-crested Cormorant flying 9035s Laughing Gull catching fish 0346-49s Snowy Egret leaping 2071s Snowy Egret scratching 1944s Osprey flexing wings m 6796s
Eastern Pondhawk m 63mmWS 44mmL 1354-1376ec.jpg Double-crested Cormorant flying 9035s.jpg Laughing Gull catching fish 0346-49s.jpg Snowy Egret leaping 2071s.jpg Snowy Egret scratching 1944s.jpg Osprey flexing wings m 6796s.jpg
Small Yellow Wildflower 5370-5389cs Great Egret 0126s-cu Great Spangled Fritillary 5073s Forster's Tern w fish 8728s Forster's Tern flying 8787s Leafhopper nymph 2mm 2.5x HH 4869-79cs
Small Yellow Wildflower 5370-5389cs.jpg Great Egret 0126s-cu.jpg Great Spangled Fritillary 5073s.jpg Forster's Tern w fish 8728s.jpg Forster's Tern flying 8787s.jpg Leafhopper nymph 2mm 2.5x HH 4869-79cs.jpg
Osprey fledgling jv 7288s Osprey eyeing camera 5632s Osprey feeding chicks f 5355s Osprey feeding chicks f 5427s Black Skimmer fisning 5703s Black Skimmer fishing 2274s
Osprey fledgling jv 7288s.jpg Osprey eyeing camera 5632s.jpg Osprey feeding chicks f 5355s.jpg Osprey feeding chicks f 5427s.jpg Black Skimmer fisning 5703s.jpg Black Skimmer fishing 2274s.jpg
Laughing Gull head on 8510s Ospreys on nest 8242s Osprey perched on snag 3399bs Red-tailed Hawk captive 2755s Snowy Egret 2540bs Gull-billed Tern w crab 1479s
Laughing Gull head on 8510s.jpg Ospreys on nest 8242s.jpg Osprey perched on snag 3399bs.jpg Red-tailed Hawk captive 2755s.jpg Snowy Egret 2540bs.jpg Gull-billed Tern w crab 1479s.jpg
Snowy Egret windblown 2554s Tree Swallow 0144s Barn Swallow 0131s Yellow-crowned Night-heron displaying p 6012s Yellow-crowned Night-herron flying 5952s Snowy Egret on branch tip 4282s
Snowy Egret windblown 2554s.jpg Tree Swallow 0144s.jpg Barn Swallow 0131s.jpg Yellow-crowned Night-heron displaying p 6012s.jpg Yellow-crowned Night-herron flying 5952s.jpg Snowy Egret on branch tip 4282s.jpg
Dimorphic Macalla Moth 12mmOAL 1.3X 280um 0478-0521cs          
Dimorphic Macalla Moth 12mmOAL 1.3X 280um 0478-0521cs.jpg