Advanced Color Print Division
Central New Jersey Camera Club
by Tam Stuart
November, 2009
The images are best viewed at 1024 x 768 screen resolution with the monitor set to full screen mode. However, any window size and resolution may be used and the image will adjust automatically to fit.
Club Scoring
A member may enter up to three prints in each competition. All prints entered are scored. The competition is open to all subject-matter. Scores are awarded from 3 (low) to 9 (high). One print is judged “Print Of The Month”. The distribution of scores is the judges' decision. A judge is not a member of the club. There were about 8 entries per competition in 2009.
First Competition
A Pond Reflection Express Delivery
A Sip Of Nectar
Score: 9 Score: 6
Second Competition
A Saline Sip Nessie
Long-Legged Fly
Score: 8
Third Competition
Green Heron On Stump Just Passing By
Score: 9 Score: 7 Score: 9
Fourth Competition
Fifth Competition
Eastern Bluebird
Red Milkweed Beetles
Score: 9 Score: 9 Score: 7
Sixth Competition
Autumn Gull
Peck's Skipper On Clover
Score: 7 Score: 7
Sevemth Competition
Tufted Titmouse A Saline Sip
Fresh Catfish For Dinner
Score: 6 Score: 8
Eighth Competition
Summer Gold Catfish For Dinner
A Jewel Of Nature
Score: 9 & ACPOTM Score: 7 Score: 8
Conpetition prints were taken with Canon EOS 1D-Mk III
and printed with an Epson R2400 printer on
Epson Premium Glossy Photo paper, mostly 13" x 19" size.