Advanced Color Print Division
Central New Jersey Camera Club
by Tam Stuart
December, 2003
The images are best viewed at 1024 x 768 screen resolution with the monitor set to full screen mode (hit function key F11) to toggle full screen mode. However, any window size and resolution may be used and the image will adjust automatically to fit.
Club Scoring
A member may enter up to three prints in each competition. All prints entered are scored. The competition is open to all subject-matter. Scores are awarded from 3 (low) to 9 (high). One print is judged “Print Of The Month”. The distribution of scores is the judges' decision. A judge is not a member of the club. There were about 20 entries per competition in 2003.
First Competition
Carolina Wren On Snag Least Skipper On Leaf "Driftert"
Score: 8 Score: 9 & Print of the Month Score: 8
Second Competition
Red-Bellied Woodpecker on Firewood "White On Green" "Big Bird With Attitude"
Score: 9 Score: 9 & Print of the Month Score: 8
Third Competition
"Perkey Bird" Banded Hairstreak on Fern Dark-Eyed Junco
Score: 9 & Print of the Month Score: 8 Score: 8
Fourth Competition
Ebony Jewelwing Male, On Leaf
House Finch, Male
"Heads Up"
Score: 8
Score: 9 & Print of the Month Score: 9
Fifth Competition
Red-Bellied Woodpecker On Branch
Eastern Tailed-Blues "It's A Jungle Down Here"
Score: 9
Score: 9 & Print of the Month Score: 9
Sixth Competition
Nectaring Red-Banded Hairstreak "Dangerous Passage"
White-Throated Sparrow On Branch
Score: 8 Score: 8
Score: 9
Seventh Competition
Spring Azure On Leaf "A Superb Flying Machine"
"I'm The Greatest"
Score: 8 & Print of the Month
Score: 8
End of Year Competition
"Dangerous Passage"
Runner-Up Advanced Color Print of the Year
Conpetition prints were taken with Canon EOS D30 or D60,
and printed with an Epson 1280 printer on
Epson Premium Glossy Photo paper, mostly 13" x 19" size.